E-Title Authority’s team has extensive experience in managing businesses related to title documents, electronic trading services, and logistics and trade finance services


Founder of the company, she has over 30 years of highly entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in managing and developing businesses in the transport, logistics and financial supply chain industry.

Accompanied with a strong understanding of strategic marketing in business start-ups, she was part of Bolero's initial product team, being instrumental in the company's successful implementation in Asia Pacific. In 2004, she found E-Title, with a primary focus in defining international trade markets in the shipping and logistics IT transformation arena before embarking on the development of a niche solution for the transfers of title for bills of lading.


George serves as Chairman of M&S Shipping Group Limited and brings with him his wealth of experience as a highly entrepreneurial senior executive in the Shipping, Insurance and Logistic Industries for over 50 years with consistent success in starting, building, growing, investing and improving value of companies.

George was actively involved with the Bolero Association and the creation of Bolero on behalf of the Through Transport Club (TT Club) and since its inception, now with e-Title Authority Pte Ltd.


Lloyd plays a vital role in driving technology and technical architecture decisions for E-Title, ensuring that the direction of the solution is consistent with the company strategy.

He is an adept leader in product development with more than 30 years of professional experience in various IT roles. He has undertaken roles in managing implementations for numerous global technology focusing on financial services, and in bringing new products to market in the cash and trade segments as well as providing strategy consulting to European and North American banks. Lloyd was a co-founder of Bolero, with a leading role in defining corporate strategy, product management and professional services, and prior experience as Head of Strategy for S.W.I.F.T sc in Brussels.


Wyemei has over 30 years experience in shipping, SCM & its related risks. Starting off with a shipping line, she proceeded to manage and head trade execution teams with various commodity trading firms like Cargill, Tong Teik, ED & F Man and Yuan Resources; handling commodities like rubber, palm oil, coffee, coal, sugar and steel.

She also spent 10 years trading Rubber in Cargill. As Head of trade execution/supply chain, she has managed and negotiated CMAs in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, handled marine/warehouse insurance and is familiar with TSF transactions.


Eileen has over 20 years of experience in digital security and finance services industry enabling financial services.

Prior to E-Title, she held various senior roles in major security vendors and finance services vendor where she manages and grew market share with direct strategic clients as well as channels in Aisa Pacific region. Eileen holds a MBA from University of Leicester and a technical diploma in Electronics and Communications from Singapore Polytechnic.


Prof Landrock is the Executive Chairman of Cryptomathic, a pioneering company in cryptographic algorithms.

He also holds an honourable professorship at the University of Aarhus and leads one of the top European data security team which is based at the university. He is a member of the Danish IT Security Council and has been an advisor to the Danish Government for the last seven years.

Prof Landrock has been in the field of data security since the early 80s. He was a visiting professor at a number of universities, including IAS Princeton, Cambridge, Essen, Mainz, Oxford and Leuven. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association for Cryptologic Research from 1992 to 2001 and served as its President between 1992 and1995. In 1997, Prof Landrock was asked to serve on the technical advisory board of the new Microsoft Research Lab at Cambridge University.


Sarah is a barrister and a member of Stone Chambers, with 30 years’ experience of practice in commercial and maritime law including: marine insurance, international sale of goods, carriage of goods by sea, salvage, collisions at sea.

She has an MSc in Business Administration from the London Business School. She was responsible for drafting the legal framework for Bolero International between 1997 -1999.


Nick Sansom, currently based in London, is the business development director of a leading P&I Club. He previously headed a P&I Club's operations in Asia, based in Singapore, and has also been head of marine In Asia for a leading global insurance broker and executive director of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration.

At various times when living in Singapore, he was a council members of the Singapore Shipping Association, chairman of its Legal and Insurance Committee, member of the Ship Insurance and Legal Committee of the Asian Shipowners Forum and president of the Maritime Law Association of Singapore.

He has also been a member of various other industry bodies such as the BIMCO working groups on Multidoc and Combicon bills of lading, the FIATA juridical committee and its working group on the FIATA bill of lading, the International Road Union legal committee, and has been a regular speaker at insurance and shipping conferences. He is a contributing author of "Multimodal Transport - avoiding legal problems" LLP.