Creating An Electronic Title

When a carrier or forwarder is ready to release an electronic bill of lading, it is authorised in the bill of lading system in the same way that printing of an original bill of lading occurs today.

Instead of printing, their back office system directs the bill of lading to e-title™. e-title™ creates, digitally signs and registers an electronic title in the HSM. The digital signature protects the electronic title during transfer; registration ensures that the electronic title will be sent to, and can only be used by, the shipper or exporter.

e-title™ then returns the electronic title to the carrier or forwarder’s office system so that it can forward the electronic bill of lading and electronic title to the shipper via the carrier’s or forwarder’s standard communication gateway, such as an email server.

Creating An Electronic Title (Carrier Via Own Back-office Application)